Household Trends for the 2020s

16 November 2020

The modern household continues to evolve, with interior design and lifestyle experts forecasting future trends based on demographic changes. The 2020s is well underway, and despite an incredibly challenging start, new lifestyle trends are starting to emerge. The global pandemic will obviously influence how we live and work in the years ahead, as will considerations around living space, multi-functionality, technology, and accessibility. Let's take a look at the changing shape of the modern home and what it means for your family.


Rates Reach Historic Lows

12 November 2020

Australia's official cash rate has dropped to a record low of 0.10%, marking the lowest interest rate in the nation's history. Challenging times call for unprecedented measures, with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) making the tough decision to slash rates in an effort to stimulate the economy out of recession. The latest interest rate cut from early November - the third cut this year - marks the latest step in a steep decline from the 0.75% rate recorded in January 2020. While the nation's largest banks have not moved their variable rates, fixed rates have been dropped in many leading mortgage products.


The Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

09 November 2020

Positive thinking is often linked with good health outcomes, with an optimistic outlook known to improve stress management, enhance mental health, limit memory decline, and even reduce heart disease. While thinking of unicorns and rainbows probably won't cure all your ills, there is definitive scientific evidence highlighting the power of positive thought. While the exact mechanisms behind this phenomenon remain unknown, an optimistic outlook seems to influence the mind-body connection and reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body.


Hot East Coast Suburbs

05 November 2020

The east coast of Australia is the nation's true heartland, with the combined population of Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, and Tasmania representing 81% of Australia's population. Large property markets exist in all state capitals, with Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane accounting for the vast majority of market share. Prices across most cities have remained strong despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with median house prices across capital cities up 4.6%, and median unit prices up 2.2% over the year.


Water Found on the Moon

02 November 2020

After years of searching, NASA has found evidence of liquid water on the Moon. Two separate studies have been published in recent days, with water found deep in polar craters and predicted in polar "cold traps". While scientists have long suspected there to be water on the Moon, it is now almost certain and possibly much more widespread than previously thought. These new findings have a number of positive implications or the future of lunar exploration, with water possibly useful for resource extraction and rocket fuel among other applications.


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